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Ajouté le 16 avr. 2008

If the work of Patou.B falls within the scope of a symbolic trend, it is in the first place pointing towards the freedom of expression and the lyrical abstraction.
It travels through time, seasons and winds.
His paintings are like sentences well constructed with a nice consonance but most of all, his paintings shall be experienced.
The biggest eyes are not enough to feel the most beautiful subtleties: violent beauty, devastating nostalgia and brute gentleness.
Art exists to make us experience a smile ripped off the will of a man as a hot tear streaming with emotions. Look at his paintings, close the eyes and strongly remember a gesture, a contour. Think about it and forget about it and then remember it angrily.
His gesture impulses, stimulated by his will, reveal an intuitive imagination and a search inspired by the harmony of colors, the balance of shapes, the choice of formats and textures to please the eagle eye and the personal experience beyond the intellectualization of the work.
That is the hope that the paintings of Patou.B bear within them.
He paints to make your eyes speak

More than painting, it is a choice of life

He had many exhibitions in Europe, he was a designer of theatre costumes and advertising items and a writer for the "Roses Noires" fanzine


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